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How Massage Helps Chronic Back Pain

If you have chronic back pain, you’ve probably tried various treatments to feel better. From over-the-counter pain relievers to warm or cool compresses to stronger medications, there’s an array of options to help back pain. Unfortunately, not all of them are effective, and some even can be dangerous—take, for instance, the overuse of opioid pain medications due to the risk of addiction.

If you’re still in pain after exploring different treatments for your chronic back pain, it’s time to give Muscle Eze Medical Massage a call. How can massages make a difference?

“A trained, experienced massage therapist evaluates your back differently than a doctor or physical therapist does,” according to an article from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. Here’s how massage can help back pain, as reported in this excerpt from the article:

Each time you strain or pull a muscle, small tears form in the muscle fibers, says Davis Reyes, a physical therapist at Hospital for Special Surgery.

When they heal, scar tissue forms in hard lines and doesn’t necessarily conform to the existing muscle. These can interfere with muscle function, and massage can remedy that, he says.

“Massage works on these soft-tissue injuries to actually work out that scar,” Reyes adds. This helps the muscles work more efficiently and can improve the success of strengthening or stretching routines.

There are other benefits from massage for chronic back pain. You’ll increase circulation to sore or stiff muscles and joints. Plus, your body releases feel-good chemicals during massage, boosting your mood and well-being.

Massage also provides relief and relaxation without any drug-related side effects. The only thing we recommend is that you drink a lot of water after a message.

It can take a couple of sessions before you get the full effect of massages for chronic back pain. However, the licensed massage therapists at Muscle Eze are ready to help you find the right massage for you, to provide pain relief.