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Low Back, Hip, and Sciatic Pain Relief Can Be Real

You deserve to be pain free - find out how below...

Experience quick pain relief with Muscle Eze Corrective Medical Massage


We are taking every precaution for your health during this time. Because pain relief is essential we are still treating patients with limited availability. 

Why Muscle Eze?

Muscle Eze isn’t your typical massage clinic. When people think of massage therapy, they usually picture getting a massage at a resort or on a cruise ship. There are all types of massage but at Muscle Eze, we only focus on one… and that’s pain relief.

Who's it for?

Anybody who’s having some kind of ache or pain. If you wake up with a stiff neck, we can help. If you’ve had back pain for years and you’ve tried everything, we can help. If you’ve had a car accident and you feel like you’re not getting any better with other therapies, we can help.

How to stay pain free

Unless you were in a car accident or fell off a ladder, most people can’t pinpoint why they’re experiencing pain. Habits are generally the reason aches and pains come out of nowhere. Once we help get you out of pain, maintenance is the key to staying pain free.

Welcome to Muscle Eze

Here at The Muscle Eze, we specialize in ONE thing; Pain-Relief. This is no fluffy day spa! We don’t provide “cookie-cutter” full-body routines. Instead, we will develop a SPECIFIC therapy protocol that will improve your unique condition.

We focus on the root cause of the pain. Our highly trained licensed massage therapists are here to work with your individual needs. If you’ve tried all other types of therapy with little to no results, you’ve found the right place.

Some of our pain-free clients

This is the absolute best place to come for a pain relief massage. I work long hours and am on my feet all day lifting heavy things and I pull some muscles or get pinched nerves occasionally. I can garauntee that if I come here I will walk out pain free. Neil manages to find the source of the pain and works out the knots. Will be coming back!

Dana Kulbersh, Bradenton, FL

I had annoying heel pain for almost 2 months… I went to see Neil and was pain free after the first visit!!

Tisha Grant, Bradenton, FL

After a diagnosis of a herniated disc and over $900 in twice a week chiropractic adjustments, I was still in pain and was unable to do my day to day activities comfortably, let alone get back to the gym. When I was referred to Neil by CrossFit Manatee I was willing to do anything, but certainly skeptical. The experience was positive from the time I walked in the door. He listened to my symptoms and limitations, and was able to pinpoint the source of my pain. After 20 minutes of Rossiter therapy I was completely pain free. With some simple maintenance work, I’ve been back to the gym for four months with ZERO PAIN. I have newfound mobility and confidence to keep pushing. I highly recommend Neil as your first stop to find a pain free, active lifestyle!

Samantha Riley, Bradenton, FL

I had horrible neck pain from a pinched nerve that was giving me a terrible time. It hurt when I turned my neck and I started to get headaches. I had heard about Neil Holmes of Muscle Eze and had some friends that had tried him out and they suggested I try him as well. I definitely was not disappointed! Neil is very knowledgeable about the body and I learned that he specializes in pain relief. He was able to pinpoint exactly where the pain was coming from and eliminate it. I can say that after 2 massages the pain is gone and so are the headaches. Not only is Neil excellent at getting rid of pain, but he is also very professional. My friends were right and I’m glad I gave Neil a try. I’m grateful to him for his help and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone experiencing any muscular pain to see him right away!

Dr. Amanda Carter, Lakewood Ranch, FL

Muscle Eze

Address: 2620 Manatee Avenue West, Suite A
Bradenton, Florida 34205
Phone: 941-981-0880
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Muscle Eze

Address: 2620 Manatee Avenue West, Suite A
Bradenton, Florida 34205

Phone: 941-981-0880
Fax: 941-932-8094

Business Hours: Tue-Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm